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British League of Racing Cyclists
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Old School Bicycles

In 1894, cycle racing on the roads of the UK was banned and eventually became illegal in 1937.  The two governing bodies of cycling within the UK at the time, National Cyclists Union (NCU) and Road Time Trials Council (RTTC), supported and influenced this decision.  It seemed that cycle racing on the open roads of Britain was doomed forever.  This did not settle with Percy Stallard.  Organized by Mr. Stallard, and despite very strong opposition from the NCU and the police, the first massed-start race was scheduled to take place on June 7th 1942.  The race went from Llangollen to Wolverhampton and was won by Albert Price.  All who took part in the race were suspended by the NCU.  The British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC) came into existence later that year.  Thus begins a 17 year battle for massed start open road racing in the UK between the NCU and the BLRC.......  More to come.